Hungary State Special Debt Fund was established and incorporated on January 15, 2013 in Cayman Island. It is a limited company regulated under the Company Laws of the Cayman Island (Related Document). The Fund is an open-ended investment fund and according to the Fund’s Articles and Offering Memorandum, individual qualified investors are permitted to purchase the special debt bond offered by the Hungarian government.

The Fund is the only authorized fund by the Hungarian government to accept application in the China region. The Hungarian government amended the Fund’s Article at the time of granting authorization to limit the Fund to only invest in the bonds issued for the Hungary State Special Debt by the Hungarian government. The minimum investment requirement is EUR 300,000 for a 5-years period in the share of the Fund. The investment proceeds will be 100% redeemable after the 5-years lock-up period. The Fund will not distribute any dividend during or after the lock-up period (or any similar activities).

Early Redemption

In the case the application for non-permanent residency permit or permanent residency permit is rejected by the Hungarian government, the Fund will allow the Applicant to early redeem his/her shares during the lock-up period.